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Which version should I download?

If you do not know which processor your Windows CE computer has, use the Start -> Settings -> System menu option to display the System Properties window. The computer processor is named there.

Spread32 Windows 95 and above For desktop computers running Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME or XP
SpreadCE PPC MIPS Casio Cassiopeia E-10
Casio Cassiopeia E-11
Casio Cassiopeia E-15
Casio Cassiopeia E-100
Casio E-55
Casio E-105
Casio E-500
Compaq Aero 1520
Compaq Aero 1530
Compaq Aero 2100
Compaq Aero 2110
Compaq Aero 2120
Compaq Aero 2130
Compaq Aero 2150
Compaq Aero 2160
Compaq Aero 2180
Everex Freestyle 540
Leo e-Color
Leo Freestyle Associate
Leo Freestyle Executive
Leo Freestyle Manager
Philips Nino 200
Philips Nino 210
Philips Nino 300
Philips Nino 300+
Philips Nino 301
Philips Nino 312
Philips Nino 320
Philips Nino 510
Samsung Infogear
Sony Pocket PostPet (needs SCEFile.dll installed in the Windows directory)
Trogon Palm Power
Uniden Unipro PC100
PPC SH3 HP Jornada 420
HP Jornada 430
HP Jornada 430se
LG Electronics Pocket Phenom
Palmax PD-300
HPC MIPS Clio PC Companion C-1000
Compaq C-Series 810
Compaq C-Series 2010c
Compaq C-Series 2015c
Compaq PC Companion
Husky FEX21
IBM Workpad Z50
NEC MobilePro 750
NEC MobilePro 750c
NEC MobilePro 770
NEC MobilePro 780
NEC MobilePro 800
Olivetti DaVinci DV@
Philips Velo 500
Samsung eGo Note
Samsung InfoMobile SCS100
Sharp Mobilon HC-4100
Sharp Mobilon HC-4600
Sharp Mobilon Pro PV-5000
Sharp Mobilon Tripad PV-6000
Vadem Clio
HPC SH3 Casio A-10
Casio A-20
Compaq C-120
Compaq C-140
Ericsson MC-12
Ericsson NC-16
HP 360LX
HP 600LX
HP Jornada 680
HP Jornada 690
LG Phenom Express
Novatel Wireless Contact
NTS Dream Writer I.T.
HPC x86 Intermec 610
HPC Pro SH4 Compaq Aero 8000
Hitachi HPW 630 ETR
HPC Pro ARM HP Jornada 820
At Work/TDS Ranger with Windows CE 2.12
Husky FS4
NEC MobilePro 790
HPC 2000 ARM At Work/TDS Ranger with Windows CE 3.0
DAP Microflex CE5320
DAP Microflex CE8640
HP Jornada 710
HP Jornada 720
HP Jornada 728
NEC MobilePro 900
Panasonic Toughbook 01
Siemens SIMpad SL4
Trimble GeoExplorer
HPC 2000 x86 Rockwell Automation PanelView Plus CE
Pocket PC MIPS Casio E-115
Casio E-125
Casio E-505
Symbol PPT2700
Pocket PC SH3 HP Jornada 520
HP Jornada 525
HP Jornada 545
HP Jornada 547
HP Jornada 548
Pocket PC ARM Acer N10
Audiovox Maestro
Casio E-200
Compaq iPaq 1910
Compaq iPaq 3600 series
Compaq iPaq 3700 series
Compaq iPaq 3800 series
Compaq iPaq 3900 series
Compaq iPaq 5400 series
Dell Axim X5
Fujitsu/Siemens Pocket Loox
HP Jornada 560
HP Jornada 565
HP Jornada 568
Medion MD 7200
Packard Bell PocketGear
Toshiba E-310
Toshiba E-330
Toshiba E-570
Toshiba E-740
Toshiba E-750
Toshiba E-755
Viewsonic V37-1
Yakumo Delta
Casio BE-300 Casio BE-300
Casio BE-500
CE .Net ARM V4 bSquare Power Handheld
DAP Microflex CE3240
DAP Microflex CE5240X
DAP Microflex CE8640
Itronix Q-200
NEC sigmarion III
PSC Falcon 4220
Psion Teklogix Netbook Pro
Psion Teklogix 7535
Psion Workabout Pro
Samsung NEXiO S160
CE .Net ARM V4I Motorola MC3090
NEC MobilePro 900c
CE .Net ARM V4T Casio DT-X10
Casio IT-500
Medion PDA 200
CE .Net MIPS II DSP Designs Aurora AA1100
Microscribe 9000CE
Siemens MOBIC
Pocket PC 2003
Windows Mobile
Acer N311
Asus A620
Asus A730
Audiovox 6600
Casio IT-600
Compaq iPaq 1930
Compaq iPaq 1935
Compaq iPaq 1940
Compaq iPaq 1950
Compaq iPaq 2200 series
Compaq iPaq 2410
Compaq iPaq 2490
Compaq iPaq 2750
Compaq iPaq 2775
Compaq iPaq 4100 series
Compaq iPaq 4300 series
Compaq iPaq 4700 series
Compaq iPaq 5150
Compaq iPaq 5500 series
Dell Axim X3
Dell Axim X3i
Dell Axim X5
Dell Axim X30
Dell X50v
Dell X51v
HTC P4000
Mitac Mio 168
Palm Treo 750v
Qtek 9090
Qtek S100
Qtek S200
Samsung SPH-i700
Toshiba E-350
Toshiba E-355
Toshiba E-405
Toshiba E-750
Toshiba E-755
Toshiba E-800
Viewsonic V36
Viewsonic V37-2