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Development diary

2021-06-08 Windows Version 3.11

2021-05-29 Android Version 1.27

2021-05-25 Android Version 1.26

2021-05-02 Windows Version 3.10

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2021-04-08 Windows Version 3.09

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2021-02-18 Android Version 1.25

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Added support for Excel Binary (XLSB) files.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2021-02-18 Windows Version 3.08

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Added support for Excel Binary (XLSB) files.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-12-20 Android Version 1.24

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-12-20 Windows Version 3.07

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-12-01 Android Version 1.23

  • Bug fixes. Added save-as-pdf option, basic for now but will be improved in future versions.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-12-01 Windows Version 3.06

  • Bug fixes. Added save-as-pdf option, basic for now but will be improved in future versions.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-11-04 Windows Version 3.05

  • Fixed a bug that caused some xlsx files to be corrupted when saved.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-11-03 Android Version 1.22

  • Fixed a bug with xlsx files becoming corrupted when saved.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-10-26 Android Version 1.21

  • Fixed a bug with saving files on Android 10.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-10-23 Android Version 1.20

  • Bug fixes, enhancements, improved chart formatting, support for OpenDocument files.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-10-22 Windows Version 3.04

  • Bug fixes, enhancements, improved chart formatting, support for OpenDocument files.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-05-19 Windows Version 3.03

  • Bug fixes, increased compatibility with xlsx files.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-05-18 Android Version 1.19

  • Bug fixes, increased compatibility with xlsx files.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-05-13 Windows Version 3.02

  • Bug fixes.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-05-11 Android Version 1.18

  • Fixed bug with xlsx files not being loaded correctly when the interface language is not set to English.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-05-09 Android Version 1.17

  • Fixed bug with column widths not being loaded correctly from xls files.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-05-04 Android Version 1.16

  • Fixed bug with column widths not being loaded correctly from xlsx files.
  • Made touch scrolling less sensitive.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-04-30 Android Version 1.15

  • Bug fixes.
  • Added support for two-finger Zoom and Scroll.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-03-24 Windows Version 3.01

  • Bug fixes.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version will be e-mailed to existing registered users, and is available for purchase on request.

2020-03-24 Android Version 1.14

  • Bug fixes.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2020-02-23 Windows Version 3.00

  • It took longer than expected but it's finally here. Updated to support xlsx files and new functions upto Microsoft Excel 2016. All languages are now in a single version. This has doubled the size of the program, so check before trying to install it on older Windows CE devices. Multiple language support has also meant dropping Windows 95 from the compatibility list.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version available on request.

2020-02-23 Android Version 1.13

  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • New functions added.
  • Shareware Version published here.
  • Registered Version published on Google Play.

2016-10-12 Android Version 1.06
Fixed some bugs.
Added over 100 new worksheet functions to bring the program in line with Excel 2016.

2016-09-08 Android Version 1.05
Fixed a bug with hidden columns in xls files.
Fixed a bug with saving of macro references in xls files.

2016-08-23 Android Version 1.04
Added support for xlsx files.

2014-05-14 Android Version 1.00
It's ready at last!
Printing, scrolling using gestures and support for xlsx file format coming soon.

2012-06-27 Version 2.05
(HPC Pro SH4 is still version 1.20)
(PPC SH3 is still version 1.20)
Fixed a bug with the RESULT macro function when returning references.
Fixed a bug with the NETWORKDAYS worksheet function.
Fixed a bug with the MESSAGE macro function.
Fixed a bug with the IF worksheet function in array formulas.
Fixed a bug with opening of CSV files with long names.
Fixed a bug with the LOOKUP worksheet function.
Fixed a bug with the FREADLN macro function when reading long lines.
Fixed a bug with the displaying of tooltip text for buttons.
Fixed a bug with the EXEC macro function in the CE version.
Fixed a bug with the CREATE.OBJECT macro function return value.
Fixed a bug with screen updating while running nested macro functions.
Can now open Excel files as old as Excel 2.1.
Files can be dragged/dropped into the application window to open them.
Increased length of text allowed for hyperlinks.
Application window position is now saved and restored.
Sort dialog box is now bigger.
Validation list selection now counts as a worksheet change event and can trigger a macro.
Find/Replace and Delete now ignore hidden rows when a filter is active.
The CHAR worksheet function now uses ANSI code page.
Added Insert > Name > Paste menu option.
Added LIST.NAMES macro function.
Many other improvements.

2010-03-10 Version 2.04
(HPC SH3 is still version 2.03)
(PPC SH3 is still version 1.20)
(HPC Pro SH4 is still version 1.20)
Fixed a bug where AutoShape menu items were not being drawn correctly in WM6.0.
Fixed bugs in the INFO("ORIGIN"), ROUND, ROUNDDOWN and ROUNDUP worksheet functions.
Fixed bugs in the ARGUMENT, CALL, INPUT, REFTEXT and SET.VALUE macro functions.
Fixed a bug in the range intersection operator.
Fixed a bug in saving in Excel 95 format.
Fixed a bug in updating of formula references in sorted cells.
Fixed a bug with references to external files.
Fixed a bug with the default font in Chinese version.
Speeded up copy/paste operations.
Added support for loading old (before Excel 5) files.
Added support for copying and pasting cells containing objects.
Added support for selecting cells and ranges with keyboard during formula entry.
Added Text To Columns menu option.
Added Ctrl+= keyboard shortcut for AutoSum.
On Pocket PC, pop-up keyboard is automatically shown when Formula bar is clicked.
Improved navigation of Data Validation, AutoFilter and Object drop-down list boxes using keyboard and mouse.
Added Undo facility for Move and Copy Sheet.
Changed AutoSum to use SUBTOTAL instead of SUM when a filter is active.
Changed sorting to be stable (rows or columns are not moved unnecessarily).
Changed lookup functions to allow wildcards.

2009-03-11 Version 2.03
(Some SH3/4 versions are still at level 1.20)
Fixed a bug with conditional formatting.
Fixed a bug with some financial functions that allow non-integer terms.
Fixed a bug with writing to the INI file where used instead of registry.
Fixed a bug with F1 help display.
Fixed a bug with data validation in merged cells.
Fixed a bug with processing of whole-column references.
Fixed a memory leak in Find/Replace processing.
Fixed a bug with the processing of CALL function parameters.
Fixed a bug with loading chart ranges in Excel 95 format.
Fixed a bug with selection dragging when panes are frozen.
Fixed a bug with text changing case when saved.
Doesn't remove unlocked attribute when cutting cells on protected sheet.
Uses Unicode formula bar where possible for entry/edit of non-english text.
Allow fixed decimal places up to 30.
CSV load now handles items of any length.
Speeded up CSV save.
Tab key now skips locked cells on protected sheets.
Allow more rows/column when selecting sort keys.
Improved support for very large xls files.
Improved date parsing.
Improved Goal Seek routine.
Increased size of Data > Form dialog box.
Allow longer text strings in Find/Replace dialog box.
Keep target cells in view when using Shift+Ctrl+Arrow keys.
Added support for Shift+Page Up/Down, Alt+Page Up/Down.
Removed object selection by double-click (except for BE-300 version), so that buttons and spin controls can be clicked as fast as you like without accidentally selecting them.
Added Ctrl+insert for copy, Shift+insert for paste.
Handle UNC hyperlinks.
Support Paste Special from system clipboard.
Added Entry assistant toolbar, because I miss the Escape key when entering data.
Added Paste Special > Transpose option.
Added GET.WORKBOOK function.
Added GET.WORKSPACE function.
Allow CHITEST with d.o.f. of 1.
Support items 50 & 51 for GET.OBJECT command.
Added Romanian version.
Fixed some menu option translations in Brazilian Portuguese version.

Now I am going to try to move the support forum from to the web site. It should be a lot faster, and without the adverts.

2007-10-17 Version 2.02
(Some SH3/4 versions are still at level 1.20)
Fixed a bug that caused spurious "out of memory" errors when loading a file.
Fixed a bug with blank items in explicit validation lists.
Fixed a bug with rendering of monochrome jpeg images.
Fixed a bug with display of date values in formula bar on Pocket PC.
Fixed a bug with Pocket PC window sometimes not being resized.
Fixed a bug with loading csv files containing numbers formatted as text.
Fixed a bug with storing of recent file list in Spread32.ini file.
Fixed a bug with formatting cells as text.
Fixed a bug with saving files to path names containing dots.
Speeded up file loading.
Added Insert>Drawing>Autoshape menu option.
Added Insert>Hyperlink menu option.
Added Format>Sheet>Zoom>Selection menu option.
Added Format>Program>Full screen menu option.
Added support for rotated text.
Added CREATE.OBJECT macro command for polygons.
Added EXEC macro command.
Added EXTEND.POLYGON macro command.
Added FORMAT.SHAPE macro command.
Added FULL.SCREEN macro command.
Added GET.DOCUMENT macro command.
Changed INDIRECT function to support defined names.
Added Brazilian Portuguese HPC MIPS version.
Added Brazilian Portuguese CE .Net ARM V4I version.

2006-06-21 Version 2.01
Just some bug fixes to version 2.00:
Fixed a bug with entering function names containing accented characters.
Fixed a bug with passing of cell references to user-defined functions.
Fixed a bug with exponentiation of error values.
Fixed a bug with the TEXTREF function.
Fixed a memory leak in the FOR.CELL macro function.
Fixed a bug with discontinuous ranges in charts.
Fixed a bug with recalculation of dependent cells on secondary sheets.
Fixed a bug with the LOOKUP & MATCH functions not searching the entire range.

2006-04-26 Version 2.00 (No new version for SH3 or SH4 devices at this time, due to compiler problems)
A complete rewrite of the software. Changes in this version include (but are not limited to):
Faster loading and saving, smaller memory requirements for loaded files.
Added support for pocket excel templates.
Added support for whole-column and whole-row reference notation.
Added support for 3d references.
Added support for references to external files.
Improved accuracy and range of statistical functions.
Added formatting toolbar.
Added chart font formatting.

2004-10-13 Version 1.20
Fixed a bug with loading some strings in the Japanese version.
Added support for Find by columns, and Find previous.
Added the FOR and FOR.CELL macro control functions.
Added Advanced Filter and Show All filter menu options.
Added support for line and pattern formatting for check boxes and option buttons.
Improved the accuracy of the Gamma function, used by the CHIDIST, CHIINV, CHITEST, GAMMADIST, GAMMAINV, GAMMALN, TDIST, TINV and TTEST functions.
Added support for relative references in defined names.

2004-03-31 Version 1.19
Fixed a bug with row height being automatically adjusted after standard height is changed.
Fixed a bug with loading some files containing drawings.
Fixed a bug with the INPUT macro function.
Fixed a bug with the display of new lines when editing comments inserted in Excel.
Fixed a bug with inserting rows immediately next to freeze panes border.
Fixed a bug with charts copied to the clipboard in the Windows CE version.
Fixed a bug with loading of charts with explicitly defined points save by Excel 2000 & later.
Fixed a bug with cells in expressions containing non-adjacent ranges being counted twice.
Fixed a bug with template folder not being located on Pocket PC 2003 device.
Fixed a bug with dialog box control text not being properly displayed in Japanese Pocket PC 2003 version.
Fixed a bug with Pocket PC version warning twice when using Save As and the file already exists.
Added support for thousands separator in entered numbers (not in formulas).
Added support for loading/saving chart objects in Excel 95 files.
Added support for sheet local names.
Changed to allow formatted but empty cells to be shifted off sheet when inserting columns.
Changed the SELECT macro function to scroll the selected cell into view.
Changed CSV load/save to treat numbers in double quotes as text & vice versa.
Changed status bar menu to be activated by double click instead of single click.
Changed to remove upper limit on number of merged cell ranges.
Improved ability to load xls files created by StarOffice.
Added Norwegian versions.

2003-12-03 Version 1.18
Fixed a bug with chart sheet tab colors not being saved.
Fixed a bug with defining names that are not references.
Fixed a bug with load/save of Japanese Yen symbol.
Fixed a bug with references being corrupted after a sheet is moved.
Fixed a bug with the formatting of cells containing hyperlinks.
Fixed a bug with some text boxes not loading correctly.
Fixed a bug with some chart data labels not loading correctly.
Fixed a bug with printer information not being converted correctly between Excel 95 and 97 formats.
Fixed a bug with loading autofilter ranges containing blank rows.
Added sheet password protection.
Added support for file auto_open macro.
Added the GOAL.SEEK, ON.SHEET, SELECT.END and SELECT.LAST.CELL macro commands.
Added the ISPMT worksheet function.
Added support for Book.xlt special template file for default settings.
Added support for numeric keypad local decimal character.
Added support for load/display/save of autoshapes in Excel 97 files.
Added support for line/fill colors and font formatting in text boxes.
Added support for decimal seconds when entering time values.
Added support for printing in HPC versions.
Added HPC Pro SH4 versions.
Added Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile) versions.
Added Finnish language versions.
Changed the FORMULA macro command so that the target cell format is not reset.
Improved accuracy of FINV worksheet function.

2003-07-30 Version 1.17
Fixed a bug with empty cells formatted as text being treated as non-empty.
Fixed a bug with comments not being moved when cells are sorted.
Improved support for entry of japanese characters (in pocket pc & desktop versions).
Improved support for Distributed alignment.
Added support for chart data labels.
Added support for strikethrough font formatting.
Added support for conditional formatting.
Added support for sheet tab colors.
Added tooltips.
Added support for Ctrl+arrow key.
Added auto cell formatting for some functions.
Added default sizing for inserted objects.
Added CALL worksheet function.
Added PROTECT.DOCUMENT macro command.
Added support for entry of fractions.
Added spin control to format cells number dialog box.
Added support for the different data validation error types.
Added goal seek facility.
Added popup menu to select status bar function (sum/average/min/max/count).
X-ranges on charts now default to ordinals.
Trying to open a non-existent file on the recent files list removes it from the list.
Data validation and conditional formatting criteria can now be copied and pasted.
Speeded up some of the statistical functions.
'File already exists' message to return to saveas dialog box if 'no replace' selected.

Version 1.16 was an OEM-only version.

2003-04-30 Version 1.15
Fixed a bug with the loading of predefined names.
Fixed a bug with names in formulas in files with sheets containing autofilters.
Fixed a bug with undoing typing in unlocked cells on a protected sheet.
Fixed a bug with the LOG10 function not handling negative arguments correctly.
Added support for mouse wheel.
Added a status bar.
Added menu options to hide and show the toolbar/formula bar/status bar/scroll bars/sheet tabs.
Added support for ctrl+page up/down for previous/next sheet.
Added support for the backspace key.
Added the ability to move and copy sheets.
Added support for hidden sheets.
Added support for END key.
Added support to load/display/save existing pictures in Excel files.
Changed HOME key to work the same as Excel.
Changed the CELL function second parameter to be optional.
Changed data validation to allow a formula to specify values for a list.
Changed the program to remember toolbar and formula bar positions.
Changed to allow Edit>Clear of unlocked cells on protected sheet.
Changed to disallow selection of controls on a protected sheet.
Excel print settings are now retained when the file is loaded/saved.
Improved display of comments (pointer can move within cell while waiting/displaying).
Paste from system clipboard now retains existing cell formatting.

2003-01-15 Version 1.14
Fixed a bug with loading of charts that have legend formatting.
Fixed a bug with displaying of blank comments.
Fixed a bug with the hlookup & vlookup functions when returning an empty cell.
Fixed a bug with the sorting of empty cells.
Fixed a bug with pasting locked cells on a protected sheet.
Fixed a bug with commas replacing dots in some date formats.
Changed to allow the use of data form on a protected sheet.
Changed data form to be full-screen on Pocket PC version.
Changed data form to handle up to 256 fields per record.
Changed row height and column width formatting to display height/width with up to 2 decimal places.
Changed CSV file load to handle return character inside quoted string.
Changed AutoFilter so that active buttons now have blue colored arrows.
Changed sorting to be locale-sensitive.
Added the ability to select sheet objects by double-clicking them.
Added the ability to copy chart sheets to the clipboard in CE version.
Added the ability to copy chart objects to the clipboard.
Added the ability to load and save tab-delimited text files.
Added the ability to save a single sheet from a multi-sheet file as a CSV or text file.
Improved the accuracy of the TDIST & TINV functions for large values of degrees of freedom.
Added the HYPERLINK worksheet function.
Added the FORMULA.GOTO and PASTE.SPECIAL macro commands.
Added more options to the Paste Special dialog box.
Added toolbar and AutoSum function.
Added icons to validation error message dialog box.
Added popup menu for sheet selection (accessed by double-clicking sheet tab).
Improved the cell border formatting dialog box.
Improved the processing of text-formatted cells.
Added HPC and HPC 2000 x86 versions.
Added Ctrl+E to enter cell edit mode.

2002-09-04 Version 1.13
Fixed a problem with not being able to format cells in Excel after saving a sheet in Excel 95 format from Spread32/SpreadCE.
Fixed a problem with loading worksheets containing comments that were saved by Excel.
Fixed a bug with loading and saving macro sheet references to the active sheet.
Speeded up scrolling.
Sorting large spreadsheets is now around 500 times faster.
Added support for merged cells.
Added support for line and marker types in charts.
Added the ability to copy charts to the clipboard for pasting into other applications (in desktop version only).
Added the ability to save charts as bitmap files.
Added the doughnut and radar chart types.
Added preview to font formatting dialog box.
Improved the automatic selection of series ranges when inserting charts.
Added support for chart objects on worksheets.

2002-06-05 Version 1.12
Fixed the bug with copying formatted cells between open workbooks.
Fixed the cut, copy and paste macro functions so that the source and destination can refer to sheets other than the currently active sheet.
Added context-sensitive right-click menu to Win9x version.
Added support for wildcard characters in Edit>Find.
Added Find>Replace menu option.
Added Ctrl+Tab (and Ctrl+Shift+Tab in HPC and Win9x versions) to move to next (or previous) open workbook.
Added ability (on CE version) to open multiple files using file association.
Added support for cell comments.
Added the GROWTH worksheet function.
Added the SORT macro function.

Added HPC 2000 Japanese shareware version to the web site.

I have fixed the bug with copying formatted cells between open workbooks, ready for the next version (1.12). If you need this functionality now, please let me know and I will send you the updated version by e-mail.

2002-04-04 Bug warning
Do not try to copy formatted cells from one open workbook to another. In the current version of the program this can cause the program to crash and/or cause the workbook file to become corrupted.

Fixed a bug with the Recent and Window menu options on the Pocket PC version.
Fixed a bug that could cause some menu options to become permanently disabled after closing all open workbooks.
Corrected versions of the program have been uploaded to Kagi and to this web site.

2002-03-20 Version 1.11
Increased sheet limit from 255 to 32768.
Added support for multiple open files.
Added the File>Close and File>Window menu options.
Moved the recent file list from the File menu to the File>Recent submenu (now shows the last 9 files).
Added the Format>Data>Form menu option.
Added the Format>Data>Validation menu option.
Added the CALLER, DATA.FORM, GET.OBJECT and TEXTREF macro functions.
Added support for wildcard characters in AutoFilter conditions.
Fixed numerous small bugs.
Added wait (hourglass) indicator during file load and save.
Added Polish versions.

2001-12-12 Version 1.10
Added the Format>Row>AutoFit menu option.
Added the Format>Column>AutoFit menu option.
Moved the Format>Sort menu option to Format>Data>Sort.
Added the Format>Data>AutoFilter menu option.
Added row autofit by double-clicking on row number separator
Added column autofit by double-clicking on column heading separator.
Added the COLUMN.WIDTH and ROW.HEIGHT macro functions.
Added support for Control and Drawing objects: label, group box, command button, check box, option button, list box, combo box, scroll bar, spin control, line, rectangle, oval, text box.
Added support for 1904-based dates for compatibility with Apple Macintosh files.
Fixed a bug with the WEEKNUM function that caused 31 Dec 2001 to be returned as week 53.
Improved the translations in the Italian version (thanks to Jacopo Lazzari for help with this).
Added Pocket PC SH3 Dutch, HPC MIPS Spanish and HPC Pro ARM Spanish versions.

2001-09-05 Version 1.09
Added parameter help for functions inserted with the Insert>Function menu option.
Insert>Function now switches to update mode, so that cursor keys move within the formula.
Selection of cells by pointing now replaces any selection in the edit window.
Clicking the pointer in the edit window now cancels selection of cells by pointing.
When the sheet is formatted to display formulas instead of values, saving the file in CSV format will save the formulas instead of the values, and the Edit>Cut and Edit>Copy menu options will place the formulas instead of the values on the system clipboard.
Added support for hidden cells on protected sheets.
Added menu accelerator keys for the HPC version.
Speeded up the loading of PXL and XLS files.
Speeded up processing where whole rows/columns/sheet cut or copied.
Added Edit>Fill>Series menu option.
Changed the Edit>Goto menu option to allow a sheet name to be specified.
Fixed a bug with BIN2DEC when used with a string argument.
Fixed a bug with ROW and COLUMN functions when a range is used as the parameter.
Fixed a bug with MATCH when exact match required and sought item is first in list.
Fixed a bug with loading defined names in Pocket Excel 3.0 files.
Fixed a bug where references like A$1:A1 were treated as single cells instead of ranges.
Fixed a bug with the loading of spreadsheets that had only rows or columns frozen.
Fixed a bug with macro command keys not being recognised in CE3.0.
Fixed a bug with the unary minus sign not being processed correctly in formulas.
Fixed a bug with text using the symbol font not being displayed correctly.
Fixed a bug in the NETWORKDAYS function where the period is less than 1 week and spans a weekend.
Added on-line help text. Thanks to Frank Perricone for help with the CE help file layouts.
I have rewritten most of the worksheet functions to make the program smaller and faster. I have tested them as much as I can, but if you find that any of them do not behave as expected, please let me know.
The registered versions are on their way to Get Software and should appear on their site in a few days time.
The zip files on this site have moved from to for space reasons, so if you had a link set up you will need to re-point it.

Added various Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional versions
Added HPC2000 ARM Czech version.

Added HPC2000 ARM French version.
Added H/PC Pro ARM French version.

Added HPC2000 ARM English version.
Added the user guide, but only in English for now (the link is on the main page, underneath the Shareware version table).

2001-03-28 Version 1.08
More user-friendly features:
   Changed insert>name>define to default the definition to the currently selected reference.
   Insert name now strips trailing blanks from names.
   Zoom setting now saved in pxl files.
New worksheet functions:
   Added AREAS function.
New macro functions:
New operators:
   Added support for comma (range union) operator.
Bug fixes:
   Fixed a bug in the WORKDAY function.
   Fixed a bug with pasting a block (multiple rows and columns) of data over another.
   Fixed a bug with boolean and error constants in arrays.
   Fixed a bug with chart series data still being displayed in edit series dialog box after last series deleted.
   Fixed a bug with area charts not being drawn correctly when y-axis does not start at zero.
   Fixed a bug with loading pxl files containing defined names.
New custom formatting options:
   Added support for upper case DMY/HMS in number formatting strings.
Major chart rewrite:
   Added support for discontinuous ranges and constants in series.
   Added linear/logarithmic scales.
   Added manual scaling.
   Added axes/ticks/values on/off.
New versions:
   Added HPC2000 ARM German version (for Jornada 720).
Numerous other tweaks.
I am writing a user guide and function reference, which should be available to download from this site soon.

The Pocket PC Registered versions have been shipped to the Get Software registration site and should appear there tomorrow.
I have also added Spanish Pocket PC versions.

Updated the Pocket PC versions to put the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Thanks to Don Birdsall, Carsten Schneider and Gustavo Fuentes for help with this.

2000-12-13 Version 1.07
Changed the Edit>Cut/Copy/Paste menu options so that in Entry/Edit mode they will apply to the edit window, and not the currently selected cell(s).
Added accelerator keys for insert/delete cells dialog boxes.
Added Edit>Fill>Down/Right/Up/Left menu options.
Added Ctrl+1 shortcut key for Format>Cells menu option.
Split the Macro function group in the Insert Function dialog into Macro control and Macro command function lists.
Added the following Macro functions: FILL.DOWN, FILL.RIGHT, FILL.UP, FILL.LEFT.
Added Czech versions.
Added Pocket PC versions (Shareware versions only for now, I am waiting for feedback from users before going ahead with Registered versions).

2000-11-15 Version 1.06
Improved the translations in the non-English versions.
Added the program version number to the end of the Copyright message.
Fixed a bug with cells displaying old value after contents changed when Macro is run.
Added support for Japanese 2-byte versions of decimal and list separator characters.
Fixed a bug with the FDIST function returning incorrect results.
Fixed a bug with Macro control keys not recognised in CE version.
Added the following Macro functions: WAIT, WORKBOOK.ACTIVATE.

2000-10-25 Version 1.05
Added support for Excel predefined names (Database, Criteria, etc.).
Added Japanese HPC ARM version.
Changed the Japanese version to handle 2-byte numbers and operators (Shift-JIS character set, code page 932).
Changed the menu on the Dutch and German CE versions to be non-bold, so that all of the main menu options fit on the PPC screen.
Changed the sheet tab name strip so that it doesn't scroll unnecessarily.
Changed the Edit>Find menu option so that if a selection is specified then only the cells in the selection are searched.
Added Insert>Cells menu option.
Added Edit>Delete Cells menu option.
Merged the Edit>Delete Cells, Edit>Delete Rows and Edit>Delete Columns menu options.
Added the following Macro functions: SELECT, INSERT, EDIT.DELETE, FORMULA, FORMAT.NUMBER.

2000-10-11 Version 1.04
Added Dutch version.
Added sheet formula/value display switch.
Added support for macros.

2000-09-27 Version 1.03
Fixed bug with partial columns being printed on right side of page.
Fixed bug that caused program to crash when loading sheets containing natural language formulas.
Fixed bug with LOG function.
Added space (range intersection) operator.
Formulas containing sheet names are now updated correctly when a sheet is renamed.
Fixed a bug with array constants in formulas.
Fixed bug that caused program to crash when dealing with very long text strings.
Added TREND function.

2000-09-13 Version 1.02
Fixed a bug with reference in OFFSET function not being saved in a form readable by Excel when it has a sheet name.
Fixed a bug with saving ranges preceded by quoted sheet name.
Added support for printing of worksheets and charts in Spread32.
Added DURATION & MDURATION functions.
Changed the program to allow dates etc in database criteria values.
Added formatting for chart y-axis values.
Added bar and area chart types.
Improved auto-scaling of chart axes.

2000-08-30 Version 1.01
Completed support for array formulas.
Translated the Shareware message in the German version.
Fixed a bug that caused the Format>Cells menu option to crash when used with cells that had been formatted as date, time, text or custom.
Added H/PC MIPS Japanese version.
Added H/PC SH3 Japanese version.
Fixed a bug in atan2 function (arguments were swapped).
Fixed a bug in avedev function (returned zero for range arguments).
Fixed a bug in geomean and harmean functions that treated empty cells as zero values.
Fixed a bug in multinomial function that gave incorrect result when using a reference.
Fixed a bug in datedif function that sometimes gave incorrect results for units='m' (months).
Fixed a bug with reference not being updated when inter-sheet reference copied and pasted.
Enforced parentheses for column/na/now/pi/rand/row/today functions so they do not conflict with defined names.
Fixed problem with undo sort when whole columns selected.
Stopped sheet from being repositioned when row or column is selected.
Fixed a bug that occurs when trying to save a sheet with an invalid file suffix.
Change program to save row formats in rows after the last row containing non-blank cells.

Fixed problem with IMKONJUGIERTE function not being recognised in the German version.
Changed the program to allow non A-Z characters in defined names.
Added Edit>Undo menu option, allows up to 10 levels of undo.
Added more support for array formulas.
Fixed problem with dates in CSV files being converted to numbers.
Changed the program to be a shareware application. All of the features are still available, with no time limits, but when the program is started and whenever a File menu option is used (i.e. New/Open/Save/Save As), a message box will appear reminding you to register. When you register, you will get a registered copy, and you will receive free updates.

Fixed Horizontal and Vertical justification for wrapped text.
Added support for array formulas.
Fixed a bug that caused the program to hang when saving a sheet with defined names.
No more Beta testing! I have decided to make the program shareware from the next version onwards, with one of those annoying little messages that pops up when the program starts (and at regular intervals thereafter) encouraging users to register. This way I hope to be able to get some money for the work I have done over the last 12 months. Details of how to register (and pay) should appear on the web site shortly.

Fixed bug with non-English versions of Spread32 not displaying list of file types correctly in file open/save dialog box.
Added FTEST and TTEST functions.

Fixed bug with clear entire sheet not updating the display.
Added support for array constants (but not array formulas yet).
Added the FREQUENCY, MINVERSE, MMULT and TRANSPOSE functions, although they won't be much use until array formulas are implemented (you could however use the INDEX function to extract individual values from a result array).
Changed the program icon to Sce/S32 logo for now.
Fixed memory leaks in the Database, MID and TRIM functions.
Fixed a bug with the LEN function that could cause the program to crash.
Fixed a bug in IMxxx functions that caused incorrect results when the real part of the complex number was negative.
Added Japanese version (has Japanese text interface but still has English function names for now). Thanks to Robin Masson and Ikuso Kodama for help with this.
Added H/PC ARM version.

Fixed problem with formatting entire row causing horizontal scroll bar to treat all cells in row as used.
Added support for 'center across selection' horizontal alignment option for text.
Fixed a problem with wrapped text that was centered or right-aligned not being aligned correctly.
Added support for chart legends.
Fixed bug in DEVSQ function where first parameter is a reference.
ZDNet have asked me to change my program icon, as it looks like Snoopy(tm!). Any suggestions/examples for a new icon will be gratefully received. It has to be readable as a 16x16 pixel 4-color (grayscale) icon.
Added support for Pie charts.
Added the VDB function.
Added easier chart creation: just select a range of data, and the Insert>Chart menu option will use it as the chart series.
And finally, a reminder. This is your last chance to convert any old SCE or S32 format files to the XLS or PXL format. The ability to read SCE and S32 files will be removed in the next release.

Fixed bug with hidden rows being saved as visible rows.
Fixed some more of the German translations.
Fixed bug with [h], [hh] etc not being displayed in number formatting (bug started with 20000716 version).
Replaced border and pattern descriptions in selection lists with pictures.
Pattern background and foregound colors were being stored the wrong way around. If you have used these then you may need to redefine them.
Added the SUBTOTAL function.

Added support for the full range of cell background patterns.
Corrected some text in the German version.
Changed number formats to use the local version of 'General'.
Fixed bug with scroll page right after column width changed or column deleted, similarly for page down after row height changed or row deleted.
Speeded up screen refresh by not drawing cells that haven't changed. However, if you should notice any cells not being redrawn when they should be, please let me know!
Fixed the problem with the color picker combo boxes sometimes being blank on the CE version.

Added support for the full range of font colors.
Changed the yes/no radio buttons in the property sheets to check boxes to save space.
Added support for conditions in number formats.
Color names in number formats are now displayed in the local language.
Moved chart series definition from last to 2nd tab on chart formatting property sheet.
Added support for the full range of chart line and area colors.
Added support for the full range of border types and colors.
Added Ctrl+F/G shortcut keys for edit menu find/goto options.

Fixed a bug with short date & time formats being ignored when displaying XLS files.
Fixed a bug with cell background colors being displayed when not required.
Added support for full range of cell background colors.
Fixed a bug with Excel not being able to read spreadsheets containing inter-sheet references saved in Excel 95 format.
Fixed a bug with scroll page right not repositioning spreadsheet to correct column after window has been resized.

Fixed a bug with references not being updated correctly when pasting rows.
I would like to remove support for reading S32 and SCE files at the end of July (to reduce the program size). Please make sure that you have converted your files to PXL or (preferably) XLS format by then.

Fixed a problem with text being corrupted when loading PXL files into Spread32. Only the Spread32 files have been updated on the web site, not the SpreadCE files.

Fixed a bug with line charts being saved as column charts when the chart sheet was not the currently displayed page.
Some more fixes related to MBCS and Japanese characters. I can now display spreadsheets containing Japanese text in the English version of Spread32. This probably doesn't mean much to you but I was impressed (the English version of Microsoft Excel does not display Japanese text and sheet names correctly).
Removed the vertical white lines that occur when text has coloured background and overflows into next cell.
Fixed a bug with database functions where the field parameter was a cell reference.

Results of formulas using range names are now automatically updated if the name definition changes.
Changed Format>Cells>Alignment to use Combo boxes instead of buttons.
Added Edit>Paste Special option.
Fixed the problem in Spread32 with selection of range by pointing.
Fixed a problem with reading files containing Japanese characters.

Fixed bug with some formulas not being recalculated when the cells they refer to are changed.
Corrected some of the German and Brazilian Portuguese translations.

Fixed a problem with chart ranges not being saved correctly in Excel 97 files. Chart series refererences were always being saved as references to cells on the first worksheet.
Added Brazilian Portuguese version.
Changed the program so that the Spread32 version is now a Unicode application. It should now support languages that have non-Ascii characters. This was a major rewrite, and I may have broken things that used to work. Please let me know as soon as possible if you suspect that something is wrong.
Changed the program to not include empty cells when saving csv files.
Files created by SpreadCE/Spread32 versions prior to 2000-05-29 and saved in XLS format may contain corrupted formatting information, and may be unreadable by Microsoft Excel and may cause later versions of SpreadCE/Spread32 to behave strangely or crash. If you experience this, and you have access to a desktop version of Microsoft Excel, then the corrupted files may be recovered by downloading and installing and following the instructions it provides for recovering Excel files.
Added x and y chart gridlines on/off option.

Fixed a problem with the [h]:mm custom format displaying months instead of minutes.
Fixed a problem with displaying whole numbers using fraction custom number format.
Added the ability to protect worksheets.

Added the ability to paste text from the system clipboard.
Fixed a bug with wrong weekday name being displayed in some custom date formats.
Added some translations for the chart dialogs in the German version.

Changed the program to be able to read Excel files created by StarOffice.
Fixed a bug with the saving of inter-sheet cell references in Excel 97 format.
Added Ctrl+N/O/S shortcut keys for file menu new/open/save options.

Fixed problem with shared formulas in Excel 95 files.
Fixed problem with pasting of formulas containing ranges with mixed absolute/relative cell references.
Changed the program to recognise AM/PM suffixes on entered time values.

Fixed problem with named ranges in Excel 95 files.

Volatile functions in XLS and PXL files are now recalculated when they are loaded.
Fixed bug with add-in functions from SCE and S32 files not being correctly saved in XLS files.
Fixed bug with borders not being loaded correctly from Excel 95 files.
Added support for named ranges.

Finished changes concerning the Styles.
Fixed a bug that prevented files saved in PXL format from being converted to XLS by ActiveSync.
Cleaned up the file save processing, so that if you use the File>Save option for an S32 or SCE file it prompts you for a new file name, and if you try to save a file with an invalid extension (not XLS, PXL or CSV) then it saves it as an XLS file.
The program could not read some files converted by ActiveSync from PXL to XLS. This is now fixed.

Fixed a bug that caused Excel to crash when the Styles menu option was selected for a spreadsheet that had been created with SpreadCE.
Finally got the program icon to display properly on the P/PC (you may need to do a soft reset after copying the new file across to get this to display).
The Format Cells property sheet now remembers the last page displayed.
Added MDETERM function.
Removed the ability to save files in the proprietary S32 or SCE format (please use the Excel format instead).

Changed program to display any XLS border type as thin border for now.
Fixed a bug with loading and saving of defined names in XLS files.
Fixed a bug with saving large XLS files.

Added font name selection to cell formatting dialog box.
Fixed bug with loading formulas containing strings from PXL files.

Fixed problem with font colors sometimes not correctly loaded from XLS files.
Change the POISSON function to handle the case where x = 0.
Changed the program to use the short date format defined in the computer's Regional Settings.
Added Italian versions.
Added warning message when saving files in Spread32/SpreadCE format.
Fixed a bug with inter-sheet references.

Fixed a problem with reading Excel 95 files containing formulas containing strings.
Fixed a problem with sheet names that begin with digits.
Added saving of sheet zoom percent when saving XLS files.

Back from the North Pole! I had a great time, and would recommend it to anybody.
Changed the program to handle extended strings when reading XLS files. These are strings containing embedded formatting, such as a change of font/color/style in the middle of the string. It doesn't display them as Excel would, but at least it doesn't crash trying to read them now.
I have changed the program to save the 'add-in' functions correctly in XLS files. Now there is no longer any need for the SpreadCE/Spread32 proprietary SCE/S32 file formats, and support for these will be withdrawn very soon. If you have any files in these formats, please re-save them in the XLS format as soon as possible.
Fixed a problem with reading/writing Excel 95 files containing formulas with results that are strings.
Added H/PC SH3 German version.

One last update before I go...
Fixed problem with COMBIN and HYPGEOMDIST functions.
Added more chart options.

Fixed problem with formatting of numbers >= 2^31.
Fixed problem with mm in custom number formats being displayed as month number when minutes were required.
Program can now read and write files in Excel 95 & Excel 97 formats.
The default file type for saving has been changed to Excel 97. If you want to save in a different file format then you will have to display the File>Save>Options dialog and select a different file type. Just typing a different file extension does not work in Windows CE like it does on the desktop.
Beware that the program will only save things that it can process, so if you have an Excel file containing macros, VB modules, charts embedded on worksheets (rather than being on a separate chart sheet), DDE/OLE links, pivot tables etc. then they will be dropped. It is probably better to use 'Save As' for XLS files so that you do not overwrite your original file.
The 'add-in' functions are still not supported for saving in XLS files.
There will probably be no more updates for the next month or so, as I am off to Siberia on 20 April to fly out onto the Arctic ice and walk to the North Pole. I must be careful not to get frostbite in my typing fingers!

Added F9 for recalculate all cells.
Increased thickness of cursor border.
Fixed a bug with expressions beginning with unary minus not being converted from PXL to XLS correctly.
Fixed a bug that caused program to crash when inserting a chart sheet after deleting one.
Added BesselK function.

Updated some Spanish translations in dialog boxes.
Cell background colors were not being saved to and restored from correct part of PXL file. Although the program would save and restore them successfully in PXL files, they would not be converted to/from XLS files correctly. Background colors in existing PXL files saved on the P/PC will have to be reapplied. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
I am currently working on XLS file saving, so that charts and add-in functions can be saved, and support for the S32/SCE file format can be dropped.

Fixed problem with RANK function counting non-numeric cells in range.
Added support for month names in date strings.
Changed chart range entry to use default sheet name if sheet not specified in range.

Fixed bug with hidden rows and columns being visible again when spreadsheet is loaded.
Added support for cell background colors.
Fixed a bug causing program to crash when trying to display a chart sheet.
Added support for chart line colors.

Fixed bug with color not being applied to first cell in selection.

Changed number formatting so that when currency or accounting format selected, decimal places defaults to corresponding locale value, for other formats defaults to 2.
Added support for [color] specification in custom number formats.
Added support for line charts. The program will display those contained in XLS files, and you can create your own, but you can not save them until I have included support for saving XLS files.
Added support for font colors (can not be saved in SCE files).

Changed German text in sheet rename & file changed dialog boxes.
Changed date handling to support the imaginary date 29 Feb 1900, so as to be compatible with Microsoft Excel.
Added Excel (XLS) import facility.
Added 'other' option for zoom level.

Cleaned up the handling of [h], [hh], [m], [mm], [s] & [ss] custom formats.
Changed the program to allow entry of times >23h, >59m & >59s.
Changed some of the German text in dialog boxes.
Fixed VALUE function so that it handles thousands separator in numbers.
Fixed a problem with commas in custom date formats.
Added H/PC German version.
Fixed problem with SUMIF criteria.
Added 'Mind-It' button to main web page so that you can be automatically notified of updates.

I have changed the CSV file open/save routines to use MBCS (multi-byte character set). This should have no effect on 'Western' files, but it allows Japanese characters to be stored correctly in the CSV files.
Added the 'wrap text' cell formatting option.

Sorry for the long delay between releases. I have been working on the XLS import facility, and it is coming along nicely, but I have decided not to make it available until it is a bit more robust.
I have changed the processing of input dates. The program was looking for slash, hyphen or dot as a valid date separator, but this interfered with recognition of other number types, so I have changed it to look only for a hyphen or the local date separator character that is defined in the regional settings.
Changed the program to support functions returning references, so that the INDIRECT function works better. This was a major rewrite, so please let me know as soon as possible if you find any functions misbehaving.
Added INDEX function.
Added ISREF function.
Added OFFSET function.
Added colon operator.
Fixed the bug with the COUNTA function counting formatted, but empty, cells.
I am concerned that the program (P/PC MIPS version, anyway) is now over 500Kb, and I will be trying to do something about this going forward.

The program was looking for a colon in entered time values. I have changed it to look for the 'local' time separator character (defined in the 'Regional Settings' control panel), as in Italy the time separator character is a dot.
Added support for Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V in CE version.

Added French version (translations are incomplete, any help would be appreciated).
Added automatic scrolling when extending selection.

Fixed bug with 2nd & subsequent dates being ignored for holidays parameter of WORKDAY function.
Cut/Copy operations now export values in tab-delimited format to the system clipboard.
Changed program to use 'default' negative format for custom number formats where only the format for positive numbers is specified.
Speeded up sort (again).
Speeded up loading of PXL files (again).
Speeded up display refresh.

Speeded up loading of PXL files.

Fixed problem with numbers having general format when sheet zoom not 100%.

Added zoom facility (on the Format>Sheet menu). Unfortunately there is nowhere in the PXL file format to save the zoom percentage, so it will revert to 100% when the files are next loaded.

Changed program to allow cells or ranges in formulas to be entered by pointing.
Added H/PC MIPS version.

Changed program to allow row height to be specified in points, again only for pxl files, in sce files row heights will be rounded to the nearest multiple of the system font height.
Changed program to handle invalid data in csv files.

Fixed bug with saving of expressions containing unary plus or minus in PXL files.
Changed program to allow non-integer column widths (can only be saved in pxl files, in sce files they are rounded to the nearest integer). In fact I have completely rewritten the handling of column formats, so if something doesn't seem to work any more, please let me know.

Added the check boxes for underline to the font format dialog box in the non-English versions.
Fixed problem with SERIESSUM not working when given a number instead of a range as the last parameter.
Fixed problem with STDEVA function not working when given a list of numbers rather than a range.
Changed program so that format of entered number does not override column format already applied.
Fixed problem with non-alphanumeric characters in sheet names.

Fixed problem with save/restore of date format in sce files where the local date separator is a dot.
Speeded up sorting. Thanks to Julian Field for help with this.
Added underline style for font formatting.
Translated add-in function names and function parameter lists for Insert>Function in German version. Thanks to Carsten Schneider for help with this.

Fixed problem with minutes not being displayed correctly with [h]:mm format.
Fixed problem with number of decimal places not being updated when Format>Cells>Number dialog box displayed and only the decimal places field changed.
Fixed problem with display of negative numbers in accounting and percent formats.
All formats (except custom formats) are now saved correctly in sce files.
Added H/PC version (by popular demand).

Fixed problem with negative sign not being shown for negative numbers formatted with fixed decimal places.
Updated the text in the 'sort' dialog box in the German version.

Added the DATEDIF function.
Removed the GAMMA function, the last of the non-Excel functions.
Changed recent file list to handle very long file names.
Changed the handling of 2-digit years to be the same as Excel: The DATE function treats 00 to 99 as 1900 to 1999; for the DATEVALUE function and other entered dates, 00 to 29 is interpreted as 2000 to 2029 and 30 to 99 is interpreted as 1930 to 1999.
Fixed bug that caused program to hang when saving pxl spreadsheet that contains defined names containing underscore characters.
Changed the German P/PC version to display a check mark against the 'freeze' menu option if title rows/columns are frozen, as the German text for 'unfreeze' won't fit in the menu.

Allowed fraction and scientific formats to be saved in sce files (only works for fractions with 1, 2 or 3 digit denominator and scientific formats with 0 or 2 decimal places, as these are Excel 'predefined' formats, the others are treated as custom formats and are not saved).
Fixed bug with loading numbers in scientific format from pxl files.
Changed freeze panes menu option to alternate between 'freeze' and 'unfreeze', because the program was not correctly handling changing from one frozen position directly to another. I would be grateful if someone could supply me with the German or Spanish translations of 'Unfreeze'.
Fixed problem with sorting whole sheet taking too long.
Added custom formatting for strings.
Added border between non-scrolling and scrolling regions when title rows/columns frozen.

Fixed problem with numbers containing decimal places being loaded as strings where local decimal separator is not a dot.
Fixed problem with escaped characters not being processed correctly in custom number formats.
Note that custom number formats must currently be entered using UK notation. i.e. comma for thousands separator, dot for decimal separator, dd for day, mm for month, yy for year etc.

I had tried to allow thousands separator in input numbers but this caused numbers in function parameter lists (e.g. SUM(123,456) )to be interpreted incorrectly, so I have removed this. This means that things like VALUE("1,234") don't work at the moment, but I will fix that soon.
Number input now requires local decimal separator.
Function parameter list input now requires local list separator between parameters.
I had changed the SUM function to include text representations of numbers in cell references because when times were entered they were stored as text. Now that times are stored as numbers I have reinstated this restriction.
Date input now allows '.' as separator.
Insert function now adds the required '=' at the start.

Fixed bug with recent file list not being updated.
Fixed bug with cell formats not being correctly saved in pxl files.
Fixed bug with pasting columns into different sheet.

Fixed bug with pasting into an entire column.
Added automatic formatting of input values (when dates, times, percentages or currency amounts are entered, the cell is given the required format).
Added TEXT function.
Removed XOR function because it is not a standard Excel function.
Added support for accounting, fraction, scientific and custom number formats (only for pxl files at the moment).

Fixed bug that causes numbers in formulas to be corrupted when saving pxl file.
Fixed bug that caused % formats to always have no decimal places.

Fixed bug with display of numbers that begin with decimal separator.
Fixed another bug with inter-sheet references.

Stopped sorting of 'insert function' function list, so that the displayed function description will correspond to the selected function name.
Fixed bug that caused Excel to crash when uploading a pxl file with unresolved references.

Fixed problem with unhide entire sheet.
Formulas now require =, + or - at the beginnning. My apologies to all of you who have become used to entering formulas without the '=' in front; I didn't want to do this but it is necessary in order to handle dates correctly.
Corrected the display of file and sheet name for the CELL("filename") function.
Fixed bug with number .01 being stored as 0.1 in PXL file.
Fixed bug with file menu being corrupted when trying to dispay recent file list.
Added handling for Tab and Enter keys.

Added recent file list to File menu. Stores the last 4 opened/saved files.
Fixed bug with sheet selection by tapping on tab at bottom of screen.
Fixed bug that didn't like spaces in sheet names.

Added show/hide row & column headings option. Note that like the gridlines on/off setting, this setting is not converted when converting xls to/from pxl files. Because the xls->pxl conversion always sets these flags off, I have had to reverse the usage of them so that they default to 'on', so if you have saved a pxl file from SpreadCE, you may need to reset the gridlines on/off option (the first time only).
Fixed 'Goto' positioning when title rows/columns present.

Fixed bug with column formats not saved/restored in pxl files.
Condensed column formats in pxl files to reduce file size.
PXL files now save/restore current displayed sheet number.
Fixed 'unable to open output file' problem.
PXL files now save/restore freeze panes position.

Fixed bug with sce files not saving row heights.
Fixed the bug with cell contents not displayed on Jornada. Thanks to Jornada owners, particularly Dietmar Knipp, for help with this.
Changed the 'default' file open/save format from SCE to PXL files, as these generally have more functionality and take up less space. If, however, you need to use any of the Excel 'add-in' functions (these are some of the financial functions and most of the engineering functions) then you will need to save files in SCE format, as the PXL format does not currently support them.

Added CSV import/export.
Added '..' as alternative to ':' for range separator.
Added 'fill' option for text horizontal alignment.
Fixed Number format 'fixed decimal places' bug.

Added 'text' format for numbers.
Fixed the last of the font bugs. Finally got all the twips, pixels and points in the right place.
Added font size to cell format dialog. Row height is still in multiples of system font height though.

Fixed bug that trashed fonts when saving file in pxl format.

Added insert multiple rows/columns.
Added support for top/left borders to sheets saved in s32/sce format.

Better support for 'predefined' Excel number formats.
Fixed problem with cell contents not displayed on Jornada.
Translated some more of the Spanish menu/dialog texts.
Added 'all spreadsheet files' as default type for file open on Spread32; doesn't work for SpreadCE however, as Windows CE doesn't seem to support multiple file types.

Fixed bug that caused Excel to crash when opening sheet transferred from P/PC.
Fixed bug with transfer of date/time formatted cells.

Fixed bug in currency decimal places.
Fixed bug in inter-sheet references.

Fixed bug in cutting a selection.
Changed menu layout to be more like Excel: moved row height, column width and sheet rename options.
Added grid lines on/off menu option.
Added row/column hide/unhide.
Better conversion of font, border & cell formats when loading/saving Pocket Excel files.
Added Pocket Excel load/save to Spread32 version.
'Default' formats have been removed, all cells now have explicit formatting.
New features will not be available for files saved in SpreadCE format, this will be gradually phased out in favour of the Pocket Excel format.

Added inter-sheet references.
Fixed bug with paste block operation.
Fixed bug with import/export SpreadCE files to/from Spread32.

Added cut/copy selection instead of just single cell.
Assigned 'insert current time' to CTRL+'.' keys because right shift key not available on P/PC.

Added command-line file parameter processing, so spreadsheet files can be associated with the application and opened automatically by selecting the file.
Corrected Spanish menu options.
Corrected German ZINSSATZ function name.
Cleaned up cursor positioning and selection when scrolling.
Added 'insert date' shortcut (ctrl+;).
Fixed bug causing lockup when pasting into entire row.